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"There is only One God and people are united with Him through Love" (Pritam)

The purpose of this site is to stipulate that there is only One God, who created, maintains and may destroy the world as we know it, and that people may unite with God in love. To advance this understanding the site includes quotations from sacred scriptures of many religions, mystical and theological writings, poetry, art that seem to support this notion. It is not an attempt to create a new religion. ALL WHO VISIT THIS SITE ARE ENCOURAGED TO FOLLOW THEIR RESPECTIVE RELIGIONS, DEEPEN THE KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR SPIRITUAL TRADITIONS AND ADVANCE TOWARD GOD THROUGH LOVING HIM AND ONE ANOTHER. This site is intended to reduce animosity between people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, which often stems from ignorance or concentrating on secondary differences. Deep down there is "unity beyond division" and we are all united with God in love.

The section ATTRIBUTES OF GOD tries to outline God's characteristics, such as, Power, Beauty, Wisdom, Mystery, Truth, Mercy, Grace, Detachment, etc., within the general understanding that God can be known only through love and not intellectual speculation. God is also the source of LIFE , as well as the source of all religions, which leads us to the issue of UNITY OF ALL RELIGIONS.

Next section deals with certain FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS OF HUMAN EXISTENCE, such as The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), Freedom, Sin, Suffering and its meaning, Death, etc. These fundamentals seem to set the stage in which our relationship with God takes place.

LOVE is the core section of this site. It contains quotations about how different cultures or individuals loved or love the Supreme God, miss or desire Him, and vice versa, how are loved by God Himself. This section may include some references to human love and how it compares to divine love.

In the following section, called PRESENCE OF GOD, you will find quotations suggesting that the One God is not only God of the past and the future, but God who actively participates in human life, both on individual and societal levels. Many people believe that GOD DWELLS IN EACH HUMAN HEART; that is why He can be a silent witness to our every thought, word, and action. You will find here references to the practice of repeating God's Name, which is one of the most fundamental ways of practicing God's Presence. This practice, as well as Prayer, Meditation and other practices, included in the section PATHS TO GOD, led some individuals to achieve a sense of MYSTICAL UNION with God. The way many of them described it is of unparalleled beauty. Do not miss it!

The page NAME OF GOD, attempts to address the issue of God's name, which may be different from culture to culture, while stipulating that there is still unity among diversity as God is only One. "I am who I am", says the God of Torah, as if He is aware that giving any particular name may cause divisions among human beings.

The next section brings the issue of the PURPOSE OF HUMAN LIFE. Very interesting are also recommendations regarding PROPER LIFE. Though coming from different cultural traditions they seem to give a consistent picture of a good, human life.

On this site I also try to collect the most beautiful PRAYERS I have come across, especially PRAYERS FOR UNITY.

In the section SOURCES you will find Bibliography, information about Contributors, and references to bigger documents, such as "Teachings of Babaji," "Words from Heaven." Don't overlook wonderful Stories and Poetry related to the theme of this site, as well as some utopian writings, and Links. Theological statements regarding possible unity of religions are gathered on the page entitled Theology. I also try to give information about so called Interfaith perspective.

You may contribute to the development of this site if you share the underlying assumption that humans achieve unity in love for God and if you are willing to concentrate on similarities rather than differences. If you are aware of any quotations, poetry, art that could enrich this site, please, submit them to If I find your submission suitable, I will display it making a reference to you as the source. I reserve myself a right to edit your submission for brevity. You may also submit a link to a site, which in your opinion promotes human unity (especially religious), tolerance, understanding, cooperation, etc.

In Truth, Simplicity & Love

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