These are some of the people who either contributed directly to the One God Site, or gave me permission to quote their postings to the discussion groups, such as Center-L and Merton-L.

Augustine, Maurice

initially a Benedictine monk and priest, obtained a doctorate in theology in Rome, and later Ph.D in History and Phenomenology of Religions, with specialization in Japanese Buddhism. He taught English Literature and Language at a university level in Japan for 24 years.
Hartsong, Marianna Ph.D., CMT
Hartsong Haven Retreat
Camp Verde, AZ

Hill, Jai

Jai Hill, born 5th July, 1972. Grew up in the Malvern Hills district, deep in the countryside. Nurtured by a very adventurous and free childhood, climbing trees and building dams and wandering the Malvern hills. This later led to silent wandering in the hills and forests meditating on the source of life.
Around about 1993, after weeks of chanting, Jai was hit by a divine revelation. Eventually he went to India 3 years later and met his guru, Sri Visnu Datta Misra, a disciple of Haidakhan Babaji. Visnu told Jai that he would 'write and publish books' one day.

So far Jai has published in small magazines and journals with about 57 poems on his website: www.poetry

Last year, his poem 'Atlas' appeared in two London art exhibitions and a new poem 'Equality and Diversity' is due to be recited at an International student festival in Birmingham on April 5th, 2006. Also last year Jai was filmed for a TV show doing stand up comedy and got down to the last 16 in
a competition of 80 people.

Jai has one young son, but is separated and lives alone in Birmingham by a lake. He lectures in English to people from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Congo and other countries. His little free time is spent with his baby son and writing poetry, doing sacred fires or watching his football team play.
Om Namah Shivay. God bless brother, Jai.

Horn, Gary

Gary is a networking technician with a global communication firm. When not working, he writes for the Hope Evangelical Free Church newsletter. Gary is a student of Thomas Merton and considers him his spiritual mentor. He shares his enthusiasm for Merton by facilitating a Merton-related discussion group on Internet (Merton-L). He collaborated with Dale Lewis on "Ask Mr. Marvelous," which was a regular feature in Hope To Home for six years. Gary is an author of "Written Rehearsals," a collection of "devotional" essays. He, his wife and six children live in Maplewood, Minnesota.
Maxwell, Thomas

Riley, Barb

Barb Riley, lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is formerly from Manitoba, Canada. She started studying Theology at Newman Theological College in Edmonton in her mid life and really believes in life long learning. Her interests and ministry has been Ecumenical and Interfaith relations, and pastoral care within hospitals, senior homes and congregations. She has worked at varies occupations as she has moved from place to place and her current  part time job is being family advisor at a Mausoleum.  You can contact Barb at:
Singh, Anand Dev
Anand is a graduate in Computer Studies. He is married and has six children. He works as a University Analyst/Programmer. He believes in the God given "common goodness in family, home, work, faith, the world and the universe."

Singh, Teja, Dr.

Dr. Teja Singh is a Director of Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action, and of the North American Interfaith Network  Born in India, he immigrated to Alberta in 1965 after obtaining his PhD in USA. He worked as a research scientist for the Government of Canada, which included a two-year assignment with the United Nations Development Program in Iran, and authored 115 research papers and reports before retiring in 1991. 

Dr. Singh has voluntarily served the Canadian mosaic of all age groups and faiths in many leading and other roles. His contributions to multiculturalism has progressed steadily from serving the Sikh and the Indo-Canadian communities to other diverse ethnic groups, including the youth, seniors, and global institutions such as Toastmasters International, UNESCO, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

His two major recent contributions as a Founding Director (1999), Spokesperson (1999- 2001) and National President (2001-2003) of Guru Nanak Shrine Fellowship were: a) to act, and serve as a catalyst for initiating global efforts to undertake the restoration and renovation of the very first shrine of the Sikhs (Kartarpur in Pakistan) started by Guru Nanak, the Founding Prophet of Sikhism; and b) to seek and obtain approval of the University Hospital Foundation for naming the atrium of the new Alberta Heart Institute as Guru Nanak Dev Healing Garden,  by raising 2 million dollars as charity donations.

Dr. Singh is a poet in Urdu, Punjabi and English languages, often focusing on the essential unity of all religions in promoting love and seeking peace and wellness of all the diverse humanity.


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