Sadhu Haridas.

There is a case on record, in the files of French and other European doctors, of a man named Sadhu Haridas - in the court of Emperor Ranjit Singh of India - who was able to separate his energy and consciousness from his body and then to connect the two again after several months. His body was buried underground and watch was kept over the spot, day and night, for months. At the end of this time, his body was exhumed and examined by the European doctors, who pronounced him dead. After a few minutes, however, he opened his eyes and regained control over all the functions of his body; and lived for many years more. He had learned, by practice, how to control all the involuntary functions of his body and mind. He was a spiritual scientist who experimented with prescribed methods for learning the truth of cosmic law. As a result he was in a position to demonstrate the truth of the theory of the changeless of personal identity and the eternal nature of the life principle.

Quoted after: Paramahansa Yogananda's "Man's Eternal Quest." P.214.

Last updated: 2001/11/05