Wherever I look, there I see Him present.
Guru Arjan.

" Wherever I look,  there I see Him present;   He is never far away.

He is all-pervading, everywhere;  O my mind, meditate on Him forever.


He alone is called your companion, who will not be separated from you, here or hereafter.

That pleasure, which passes away in an instant, is trivial. 


He cherishes us, and gives us sustenance;  He does not lack anything.

With each and every breath, my God takes care of His creatures.


God is undeceiveable, impenetrable and infinite;  His form is lofty and exalted.

Chanting and meditating on the embodiment of wonder and beauty, His humble servants are in bliss.


Bless me with such understanding, O Merciful Lord God, that I remember You.

Nanak begs God for the gift of the dust of the feet of the Saints. "


(Page: 677) 

GURU  ARJAN   (1563-1606 )
(He built the Golden Temple at Amritsar and compiled the Adi Guru Granth)

Submitted by Dr. Teja Singh.

Last updated: 2007/01/14