The Silence Peace. 

 By Jai Hill.


Silence walked through the valley of my life one day

And as I fell into quietude to witness a new play

Of life that is, my mental chatter 

Began to scatter,

And in silence I looked and I really saw

The cold, desperate eyes of the homeless poor,

The resigned suffering of the refugees

Who didn’t know where they belonged or what they believed,

And I saw the pain in the souls of a multitude of elderly folk

Who had almost forgotten how to joke,

As the world they knew fell from view

And the harsh crime and bitterness of the 21st century

Soon ensued;

So as I walked with silence in my heart

I saw suffering right from the start

And pledged to ease their pain

With no thought of my gain.


This is what the silence taught me……………………



Om namah shivay

Jai Hill


Last updated: 2006/02/07