The Swing of Consciousness.

By Kabir.


Between the pillars of spirit and matter

the mind has put up a swing.

There swings the bound soul and all the worlds

with not even the slightest rest.

The sun and moon also swing,

and there is no end to it.

The soul swings through millions of births

like the endless circling of the sun and moon.

Billions of ages have passed

with no sigh of relief.

The earth and sky swing,

Wind and water swing,

Taking a body, God Himself swings.


Kabir, the servant of God

has seen it all.

O brother seekers!

Only while you are alive is there hope of finding Him.

While you are alive, meditate.

While you are alive, contemplate.

Only while you are alive can liberation be found.


If you do not cut the noose of your karma while living,

what hope is there of liberation when you are dead?

It is a hopeless dream

to think that union will come

after the soul leaves the body.

What you get now

is what you get then-

Otherwise, all you get is a stay in hell.

Embrace the real.

Recognize the true Guru,

Have faith in the power of the Name!

Kabir says,

"Only spiritual practice will get you across;

be addicted to this practice."

Quoted in: Harvey, Andrew (Ed). (2001). Teachings of the Hindu Mystics. Boston, London: Shambala Publ., P.82-3.

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