Message of Christ

Teja Singh


" For the guidance of humanity came Messiah,

To prevent going the wrong way, and to point to righteousness.


God`s blessing is on those who are humble, and in humility

work for the Peace of humanity, fully committed in their hearts.


The pure and the merciful, who serve others with kindness here,

Will receive countless blessings from God there.


Those who treat their enemy with love, instead of revenge,

And those who are poor, will receive recognition in heaven.


Do unto others what you wish them to do unto you;

And judge not others, so they may not judge you !


Remember God when in pain and difficulty;

And when enlightened, let your light shine on the world.


You revealed to all the secrets of (ideal) life;

Allow me, also, to pay homage to You, while praying ! "

Last updated: 2006/12/25