by Gary Horn

Ginger and Fred, coffin and dead,
Wilbur and his Mr. Ed,
Light and sun, kids and fun,
God and I are joined as one!

Fall and cool, dogs and drool,
Hardware store and power tool,
Bonnie and Clyde, seek and hide,
We're inseparably tied!

Roads and cars, heaven and stars,
Alcohol and smoky bars,
Beatles and hair, under and wear,
Faithful God is always there!

Glasses and eyes, Clinton and fries,
Pinstripe suit and power ties,
Hockey and puck, liver and "yuck,"
How close God and I are stuck!

Knick and knack, Jill and Jack,
Darkness and the color black,
Water and wet, Visa and debt,
He has never left me yet!

Choc'late and "smores," farm and chores,
Eagle and the sky it soars,
Blizzard and snow, foot and toe,
He will never let me go!

Worm and dirt, fracture and hurt,
Ernie and his dull friend Bert,
Sap and tree, buzz and bee,
We are bound eternally!