Teja Singh
Nanak,  True Guru,  great are your divine teachings!
And unique is your message of "Goodwill for All"!
The Creator of world is One, and one our humanity;
 Guests (of earth) we are for a few day, so let go all quarrels!
You taught us: Meditation; Honest Work; and
Sharing food with the needy, as a duty.
And to put our hands to working, while
 Remembering Lord, day and night, in our hearts. 
A  Muslim minstrel was your companion life-long
To erase all (religious) differences, as you had taught!
How long can one religion remain at enmity with another,
When our earth is one,  to share it under same sky!
Once more, may  Punjab proclaim  the "Unity of God"
And  awaken Pakistan and India from deep slumber!
For long, scattered and in helpless exile,
Thread us again into bonds of sincerity!
 True Guru, lift us beyond national and religious fanaticism,
And usher us into light, so beseeched by TEJ!

Last updated: 2006/10/31