Sister Katrei (circa 1300).

(Also ascribed to Meister Eckhart).

I know that if I knew myself as I should - that is most closely - I would know all creatures. Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.153.

She said, "(...) I am confirmed in naked divinity, in which neither image nor form existed. (...) Where I stand no creature can arrive in a creaturely manner. (...) I am where I was before I was created; where there is only bare God in God. In that place there are no angels or saints or choirs or heaven. (...) You should know that all that is put into words and presented to people with images is nothing but a stimulus to God. Know that in God there is nothing but God. Know that no soul can enter into God unless it first becomes God just as it was before it was created. Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.156.

What can be put into words is grasped with the lower senses or faculties of the soul, but the higher faculties of the soul are not content with this; they press on, further and further, until they come before the source from which the soul flowed. (...) no faculty of the soul is able to enter the source. (...) When the soul stands in its majesty before the source, above all created things, the might of the soul penetrates into the source, and all the faculties of the soul remain outside. (...) The soul is naked and bare of all things that bear names. So it stands, as one, in the One, so that it has a progression in naked divinity, (...). So (...) as long as the good person lives in time, his soul has a constant progression in eternity. That is why good people cherish life. Ibid., P.156.


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