Maria Magdalena De' Pazzi (1566-1607).

Besides the constant fervor which made her heart melt and made her constantly think of God, and which often bereft her of her senses and placed her wholly in God (...) regained her full strength when she was surprised by these flames of love, and her face became full and glowing, her eyes like two shining stars, and her glance serene and glad as that of a blessed angel. Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.109.

(She said:) (...) my Jesus is nothing else but love, he is mad with love. (...) You are altogether lovely and merry, you refresh and console, you nourish and unite, you are torment and relief, effort and rest, death and life in one. (...) You are wise and willful, sublime and immeasurable, wonderful and inexpressible. (...) O love, you penetrate and pierce, you tear and bind, you rule all things; you are heaven and earth, fire and air, blood and water, you are God and man. Ibid., P.109-110.

I saw that Jesus united with his bride in the closest union, laid his head upon the head of his bride, his eyes on hers, his mouth, his hands, his feet, all his limbs on hers, so that the bride became one with him and wanted all that the bridegroom wanted, saw everything that the bridegroom saw, tasted everything that the bridegroom tasted. And God wants nothing else than that the soul should unite herself to him in this manner and that he should be entirely united with her. Ibid., P.110.


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