Margareta Ebner (1291-1351).

An immeasurable sweetness was given to me then, so that I felt as if my soul was separated from my body. And the sweetness of all names, the name of Jesus Christ, was given to me then with such a great fervor of his love, that I could pray nothing but a continuous saying that was instilled in me by the divine power of God and that I could not resist and of which I can write nothing, except that the name Jesus Christ was in it continually. Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.73.

(...) then I take the image (of Jesus) out of the cradle and lay it upon my naked heart with great pleasure and sweetness and feel then the most powerful grace with the presence of God, that I afterwards wonder how our Lady could ever have borne the constant presence of God. Ibid., P.73.


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