He who penetrates the great universal harmony keeps himself withdrawn like one who is drunk from a noble wine and lies down with benevolent feelings. From the book "Wen-Tse". In: Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.145.

After three days the separation of things had ceased to exist for him. After seven days the external had ceased to exist for him. After nine days he stepped out of his own being. After that his spirit became radiant as the morning, and he gazed on being, his I, face to face. Having gazed, he became without past or present. Finally, he entered the kingdom where death and life are no more, and where one can kill life without making anything die and create life without making anything live. From the book "Tschuang-Tse". Ibid., P.145.

He who can detach himself looks inwardly into his naked heart, and this heart is not his heart. From the "Book of Constant Purity and Peace". Ibid., P.146.


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