Hemme Hayen (second half of the XVII Century).

This vexed and grieved me very much that he (a minister) wanted to bind the bliss of God to his congregation alone. Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.130.

(...) I was like a woman with child who is about to give birth. (...) whatever I read immediately became clear and shining in my heart (...). For some time after that I could no longer read, because the inner work was so great; (...). This grace became greater and greater the longer it lasted. (...) The exalted working that was taking place in my spirit made it impossible for me to sleep. (...) I said, "Because I now know and understand how a person can come to God and that it does not depend on the sect, but only on seeking God with one's whole heart. (...)." I went home and constantly enjoyed a sweet communion with God. (...) I considered the great things and contrasted my smallness with them. Ibid., P.133-134.


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