Christina Ebner (1277-1355).

At a time she was twenty-four years old she dreamed that she was pregnant with our Lord, and she was full of grace that there was no limb of her body that did not feel particular grace from it. (...).

He said, "(...) I have poured the treasure of my sweetness into you. You are one of the humans to whom I have given all that is most splendid from the beginning of the world. My kindness plays with all those whom I hold dear. (...) It was my pleasure to do them. I have it from playing Godhead that I may do according to my pleasure. If I had a thousand worlds, then I would have enough to grant every person one kindness that I did not do for another." Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.70-71.

On Sunday he said, "I come to you as one who has died of love. I come to you with desire like a husband into his bridal bed. I come to you as one who gives great gifts. (...) I make you noble from my noble nature. I make you worthy from my nobility. I have bedweded you with the dew of divinity." Ibid., P.71.

Then she asked him why he gave her such a great stream of sweetness. Then he said, "The world is continually in unrest. Therefore wherever I find a restful heart, I am glad to be there." Ibid., P.71.

He said, "(...) My nobility has elevated you. My elevation has made you great. (...) There is such confusion in the Christian lands that they do not perceive me. Where I find a willing heart, I play in it like the sun in itself. (...) I dwell in you as the fragrance in the rose. I dwell in you as the radiance in the lily. Noble fruit that I am, out of you I have blossomed." Ibid., P.72.


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