Armelle Nicolas (1606-1671).

"O my Lord and my God, see, the day has come when I must be all yours. Cleanse and wash me in your dear blood. Anoint my heart with the oil of your mercy. Pierce me with the arrows of your holy love. Accept me into the ranks of your disciples. Show yourself to me and unite with me." Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.118.

All my good is God alone, and now that he is all mine through his great mercy and kindness, just as I am all his, it is no longer necessary for me to strive to acquire something. I have nothing further to do but to rest in the good that is his; (...) It is he alone who gives himself life, (...). Ibid., P.119-120.

O love and infinite goodness, I can no longer flee from you! You run ahead of me everywhere, and I find you everywhere. (...) how shall I be able to go on living on earth with this brightness and this divine fire that consumes me? (...) love everywhere leads me out of myself and overcomes me everywhere. Ibid., P.120.

(...) I have seen my soul detached from all things, so pure, so solitary, so secluded, that it seems as if it no longer lives in my body, which, as it seems to me, seeks nothing except to follow the soul as if without feeling. (...) Formerly I wanted to do everything and undertake everything, but now (...) nothing approaches me anymore. I understand everything and am understood by nothing. My soul is solitary, simple and pure (....). Outwardly I go about my work as usual, without losing this contemplation (...). No one can express, no one can understand the love that consumes me. Ibid., P.120.


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