Anna Katherina Emmerich (1774-1824).

The angel summons me (...). I travel with him very often. (...) I speak with him quite boldly, only I can never quite look him in the face, I am so bowed before him. He gives me every instruction. I avoid asking him many questions; the blessed contentment when I am with him prevents me. (...) He is so transparent and shining, often very solemn, often mixed with love. His hair is smooth, flowing and shimmering. Buber, Ecstatic Confessions, P.135.

My sister nuns did not understand me. I could not explain my state of mind to them. (...) I was overblissful. (...) I would be accused of great impudence and presumption toward God. (...) With all this I lived with God and all his creatures in blessed peace. When I worked in the garden, the birds came to me, sat on my head and shoulders, and we sang praises to God together. I saw my gurdian angel always at my side. My longing for the holy sacrament was so irresistible that I would often be drawn by it to leave my cell at night (...). Ibid., P.135-136.

It always seemed to me that good spirits and beings were around me; (...) I had been used to it since childhood; I was never alone for long. We did everything together so pleasantly. Only among some people I was so alone that I could not help weeping, like a child that wants to go home. Ibid., P.137.

I have to compel myself forcibly; for in the midsts of conversation with others I suddenly see quite different things and images before me and then I hear my own speech like that of another (...). My conversation with the speakers continues calmly and often in a more lively manner than usual, but afterward I do not know what I have spoken, and yet I speak quite coherently. (...) I see what is present with my eyes, dimly, like someone who is falling asleep and already starting to dream. (...) Ibid., P.137.

(...) everything around me seems so dull, opaque, and incoherent (...). Ibid., P.137-138.

Often I see all sorts of evil thoughts running through his head; they look like the oddest nasty beasts! He does not catch them or drive them away quickly; it seems he is used to them. Ibid., P.139.


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