Prayerful Reflection offered by John Kloster
during the meeting of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, September 1998.

As an ecumenical group representing various Christian denominations and wanting to reach out to all other religions and faiths, to help build God's kingdom, God's human family within the context of his creation, we are presented with a vision of one universe, one Lord, one humanity.

As Christians we have a lot to offer the human family when we help turn the sword into the cross, because of what Jesus Christ offered us in his commandment to love God, to love and respect his creation, to love our neighbor, to love every human being. He gave us an economic blueprint, not an economic system, to care and share the earth's resources. He asked us to create an all inclusive human family where all men, women and children have a place at His table of hospitality. We may exercise different and varying roles but in God's vision we are all equal. God has no favorites.

When we apply the equal and no favorite principle to our varying denominations, we have no other option than to accept that all are favored by God; that all have a role to play in building God's human family; that no single denomination has all the answers; that no single denomination in a prudent and humble way should consider itself superior.

When we live by that principle of equality and no favorites, I pray, we can work towards Christian unity in a multidenominational framework. While we are situated in our individual denominations, our vision of God's human family, his kingdom which begins here on earth, will open us and our respective congregations to the acceptance of each other and all other religions. The world as we know it is at our doorstep.

Our biggest challenge as an ecumenical group is to pass on Jesus' all inclusive vision to our congregations. Because we are small in numbers and limited by our human capacities, we have to acknowledge that ... (moves to the Archbishop Oscar Romero's prayer: "Creating the Church of Tomorrow.")

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